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Spain - Santa Maria

In 1492 Christopher Columbus set out on an expedition that landed him in the New World. The three ships that sailed Columbus were called The Nina, The Pinta, and The Santa Maria. Columbus was on the Santa Maria.

The three ships left the port of Palos on the 3rd of August 1492. Christopher Columbus was planning to sail to the Indies. He died when he thought he had reached his goal. His contemporaries didn’t figure out that he had discovered America. The Santa Maria was wrecked on a shoal and her timbers were used in the construction of the first fort in the new world.

It is impossible to find any plan nor detailed presentations of this ship for the only reason that shipbuilders, until the 17th Century, didn’t use groundworks to realize their models. Nevertheless, we know this vessel was a “NAO” and that both others were “CARAVELLE” type. We may suppose that Santa Maria had great red crosses painted on its squared sail according to the custom of Spanish an Portuguese ships at the time.

In America, a Santa Maria model was manufactured in 1963 and then another one in 1976. They both wrecked in the Mississippi river.

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