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About us

I have always been fascinated by very fine handcrafted models since my childhood. During a trip I came across a plan of a ship which I bought. I studied all the details of the plan and started my first model. After six months of hard working my model was finished. I presented it to some specialist in models who encouraged me to share it with others throughout the World.

I contacted some maritime museum to find out whether I can buy plans of famous ship such as the Victory of Nelson, Santa Maria of Christopher Columbus and so on.

That's when I became us by setting up my own business with six employees whom I personally trained to specialize themselves in only one part of the models. We operated a small factory and shop in the centre of the island where tourists from different parts of the world can come to visit our Models. They have the possibility to visit the workshop and admire how the craftsmen are busy bringing back to life these models which were sailing the different oceans in the past. Being amazed by the craftsmanship, they either buy a models which they bring back as accompanied luggage or they have it sent at home.

Now the company employs more than 20 craftsmen with a range of 40 models built in three or four different scale. In the forthcoming months we will present you our news models.

Our aim is to serve you to the best as we can so that you are satisfy with our service and will recommend the company to your relatives and friends.

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