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England - Bounty

A coal carrying merchant ship operating on the coast of England, named the Bethia, was purchased by the Admiralty, renamed the H.M.S. Bounty, and recommissioned in 1787 for a special mission. She was to sail halfway around the world to Tahiti, collect sapling breadfruit trees and transport them to the West Indies. Owners of the burgeoning British plantations there needed a cheap source of food for the workers.
So the H.M.S Bounty was armed by English Admiralty under the command of Captain Bligh. In 1789, the H.M.S Bounty put into Tahiti so as to complete its shipment. Just as it was going to make sail, the crew, led by the second officer lieutenant Fletcher, was excited to rebellion and forced Captain Bligh and some faithful non-commissioned officers to get on board a ship's boat in which they traveled 3600 miles, this being a unique achievement in the history of navigation.


As a model ship builder, Pride of the Island has been building a large range of ship models going from historic ship models, wooden ship models, cross section and museum quality ship models. Our production line is one of the finest and most professional in the ship model building industry of Mauritius.

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